• Social Media Platform: Social media marketing can be extremely time-consuming: managing posts, responding to comments and creating content. All of that will have you logging in and out of different accounts many times per day. Serendipitous Connections Marketing will give you the freedom to run your business while we manage your Social Network. We will create content, engagement and scheduling your posts at the ultimate time for your audience:
    • Identify and assess your target audience
    • Create a social media strategy and implement
    • Create regularly scheduled posts as well as news and articles as they happen
    • Target specific keywords, phrases and topics relevant to your business
    • Position you as the expert in your field by educating your audience

  • Consultation: client needs assessment and advice
  • Marketing Plan: goals, methods, strategies, tactical plan
  • Community Relations: attend Chamber and other networking opportunities to represent you
  • Community Organizations: knows contact info for local community organizations
  • Event Planning: theme, time line, budget, action plan for open houses, conferences, workshops, Biz events.
  • Street Marketing: have you heard about this business, networking diva
  • Introductions: meeting people in your target market
  • Education: providing workshops on Effective Networking, Networking for Introverts, & Fan Page coaching

Pricing: Please Complete the Marketing Survey and contact me with your specific needs & to schedule your one hour, $75 consultation.

Fees will be given at consultation once needs are assessed and your goals are written. Hourly rates will apply to consultation, calls, emails, contacts, research, meetings, mileage, etc.  A portion of your consulting fee may be applied to marketing services once a contract for implementation of the marketing plan is signed.

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