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Guerrilla Marketing: Need to get the word out about your business? Do you have an upcoming event that needs to be publicized? Learn how to get your information in front of many people via grassroots marketing and how to meet people of influence in your target market. Learn how to get your business, service or product to grow on a local and personal level, costing less, but yielding big results. We will focus on unconventional strategies. Date: April 10, 9-1

Freshen Up Your Brand: What’s Your Brand? Are you easily found by your target market? Does your reputation impress others? Do people recognize your logo? Learn steps to branding your business, creating a unique identity that differentiates you from your competition. Learn to have a cohesive message, image and marketing approach for your business. Date: March 27, 9-1. 

How to Become an Accountability Partner: Do you have trouble with time management? When you write a weekly “to do” list, does it take you a month to accomplish it? Learn the characteristics of a productive accountability partner and learn how to accomplish your objectives via a plan and action steps. Train your partner to hold you accountable, encourage you and ask the motivating questions to produce results. Do you know your blind spots; the weaknesses that block your vision? Bring your written goals with you. Date: April 24, 9-1.

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Upcoming Business Educational SeminarLearn more. Key Elements of Your Marketing Plan. Social Media Marketing.  Learn more.

Speaking Engagement:  at Stillwater Women's Business Bridge, November 2014, Social Media Made Easy
Speaking Engagement:  at Stillwater Women's Business Bridge, March 8, 2013, Building and Leveraging Your Network, 8am-9:30am, Water Street Inn, Stillwater, MN.  Guests are welcome!

Looking for employment?  Here are some helpful tips for "Networking Your Foot in the Door".

Business Educational Seminars, Spring 2013, WITC, Marketing Plan, Social Media Marketing, & Networking.  Learn more.

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